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About Us

Verdethos business is built on the principle that

food, agricultural, and commodity businesses that supply the world

will lead the drive to create a more sustainable future. 


Instead of thinking of heightened compliance from a cost perspective,

we believe that our solutions generate value for your bottom line.

Let us show you how.

Right Time

The world is changing and many different events are converging.

Regulatory bodies continue to become more strict and aware of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) requirements. 


Proposed SEC Scope 3 Carbon Emissions reporting requirements are estimated to cost United States listed companies $6.3 billion. 


Financial institutions are now directing investments based on environmental scoring. Deforestation and climate change are the central challenges of our time.

Millennial and Gen X consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their purchasing decisions, and over 85% of consumers prefer to buy products deemed sustainable.

COVID-19 and other recent geopolitical events have focused the world's attention on the origin of goods, and the term "supply chain disruption" has become a common household phrase.

New technological developments in AI, clouding computing, and enterprise distributed ledger technologies are disrupting industries.

Right Team

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